“Colours of Orthodoxy. Greece” International Competition Winners Announced

More than 400 photographers from 20 countries took part in the competition, where over 4,600 photos presenting Orthodoxy in Greece were submitted to four categories.

The Publishing House of the Polish Orthodox Church will release a photo album in late 2023 including pictures from the competition. The Award Ceremony will be combined with the album premiere, the date of the event will be known in the second half of December

The organising committee and the jury members extend thanks and congratulations to all participants.


Grand Prize

Alexandris Alexis, Greece

Best Greek Photographer

George Tsafos, Greece





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Best Young Photographer

Janota Olgierd, Poland

Category Places

1st place: Avgoustis Tatakis, Greece

2nd place: Panos Zoulakis, Greece

3rd place: Lazo Angier, USA

Church of Theoskepasti, Imerovighli, Thira

Honorary mention: Andreas Pettas, Greece

Honorary mention: Fotis Kafetsis, Greece

Honorary mention: Vasilis Lazos, Greece

Honorary mention: Katia Ioanou, Cyprus

Category Reportage

1st place: Eleni Papathanasiou, Greece

2nd place: Andreas Pettas, Greece

3rd place: Aimilianos Gkekas, Greece

Honorary mention: Afroditi Angeletopoulou, Greece


Honorary mention: Rafail Georgiadis, Greece

Honorary mention: Michalis Paou, Greece

Honorary mention: Efthymios Aliferys, Greece

Honorary mention: Karahalios George, Greece

Category People

1st place: Dmitris Vavliaras, Greece

2nd place: Mihail Oikonomakis, Greece

3rd place: Stefanos Karaoulis, Greece

Honorary mention: Afroditi Angeletopoulou, Greece


Honorary mention: Nikolaos Karampetakis, Greece

Category Details

1st place: George Karahalios, Greece

2nd place: Rania Christou, Greece

3rd place: Gheorghe Lucian Galiceanu, Romania

Honorary mention: Marilena Katsini, Greece


Honorary mention: Tilemachos Pappas, Greece

Honorary mention: Nikolaos - Georgios Parthenis, Greece

Honorary mention: Giorgios Tsigkas, Greece

Honorary mention: Constantinos Papakonstantinou, Greece

Rules of the competition